The stone building off of High Street near the Highway Barn in Bridgewater is the last remaining structure from the Stanley Ironworks. It is a state-recognized Historic District. 

During the 1860's, it was the second largest producer of iron  in the country and was still operating until the 1990's when the land became  part of the Bridgewater parks system. It was estimated that the walls of  the building would be structurally defunct within 6 months in 2013 if immediate action was not taken. The Town of Bridgewater, through its Community Preservation Committee,  dedicated money to stabilize the walls to allow for future preservation and use of the site.

Andrew Howard, as part of an Eagle Project, has undertaken clean-up of the site. He took the “Before” photos to document the site’s condition before he and his troop began work. The “After” photos show the results of their enormous effort which allow greater access to the walls. Thanks to the troop and volunteers working intensively over two consecutive weekends in the fall of 2013, the restoration (wall stabilization) was accomplished. 

Project Profile: Stanley Iron Works

Bridgewater Community Preservation Committee

History of The Community Preservation Act in Bridgewater

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a state-authorized funding mechanism for local open space, historic preservation, and affordable housing initiatives. Local approval of the Community Preservation Act  would allow Bridgewater to raise revenues through a surcharge on property tax bills, which will be matched by a dedicated state fund. The Local Community Preservation Fund can then be used to pay for eligible local projects.

CPC Documents

You can download the Bridgewater CPC application here:

​All meeting minutes for the Bridgewater CPC can be read here.

​06/30/2014: You can read the 2014 Bridgewater CPA Fund report by clicking here.

09/08/2010: The Bridgewater Community Preservation Committee announces that Roselli, Clark & Associates has completed a report examining CPA funds and procedures. You can read the entire report here.